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Countrywide Security offer a wide range of services from security alarms for homes and businesses to closed circuit TV monitoring, intercom and door access control. Contact us for advice on your security needs.

Security Alarms
Closed Circuit TV
Intercom Systems (Voice)
Video Intercom
Door Access Control
Automated Gates
Hold Up Alarms
Duress Alarms
Plant Alarms

Security Alarms:

• Includes movement & smoke detectors, door switches, holdup alarms, plant & duress alarms.
• Can be installed in the smallest homes (one detector) to the biggest commercial premises with thousands of detectors.
• Security alarms can be a connected to fuel pumps so when the alarm is set it cuts power to fuel pumps. Likewise, an alarm can be connected into lighting circuits so when the system is armed it can turn off lights.
• Can be monitored which allows reports of alarms, staff entry and exit times (only if system is armed or disarmed by them), low battery and power fail to report to control room.
• Installations include: homes, shops, office’s, service stations, warehouses, vineyards, workshops, food processing factories, fish factories, wineries & abattoirs.

Closed Circuit TV (CCTV):

• We install cameras suited to residential situations, small businesses (including farms) & larger sites requiring in excess of 20 or 30 cameras.
• Both internal and external.
• Optional infra-red lighting.
• The high tech systems can be integrated into door access control and alarm systems giving complete electronic protection.
• Can be used in high risk areas for OH&S.
• Installations include: on grape harvesters, machinery such as saws in timber mills, wineries, shops, warehouses, offices, hospitals.

Intercom Systems (Voice):

• Commercial & Residential.
• Installations include: at commercial gates, residential front doors, hospitals, radio stations, homes, secure storage facilities & offices.

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Video Intercom:

• Commercial & Residential.
• Installations include: at commercial gates, residential front doors, radio stations, hospitals & community health services, homes & offices.

Door Access Control:

• Control doors via a keypad or a card entry.
• Predetermined access.
• Can be programmed to lock every door on site if an outside threat against the staff or premises has been made. (e.g. hospitals where someone is threatening to attack staff) A special code is entered to achieve this.
• Installations include: hospitals, aged care facilities, offices, warehouses, factories. Installed in offices, shops.

Automated Gates:

• Same as Door access control.
• Can be set up with card readers and or keypads and / or remote control.
• Installations include: Timber yards, car parks, secure storage facilities.

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Hold Up Alarms:

• Pushed when the staff member is being held-up.
• Alarm reports to control room who notify the police.
• Installations include: financial institutions, shops, chemists, firearms dealers, offices.

Duress Alarms:

• Notifies control room that a person is under duress (being threatened)
• Installations include: shops, offices, residential.

Plant Alarms:

• Alarm is sounded when there is a threat to the operators or machinery
• Installations include: refrigeration units, commercial fish tanks, oil pressure on engines.

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